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Space Clearing of Home and Office

Negativity in a space can affect your energy, your vitality, your relationships, and even your prosperity. Negativity can enter a home in several ways. It could have been there all along, before you ever moved in. Someone else might have sent it to you (someone you have a history with). Perhaps it was brought in unknowingly by you or a family member (a ghost or entity that is attached itself to you and taken up residence in your house). Or, the presence of the negative energy could be the result of difficulty you've been having (or have had in the past) with loved ones, inside the four walls of your home.

Once negativity is in the home or office, it can get trapped and start to build. You can actually see the physical results of this negative energy build up within a home or office.

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Remote Clearing

While being present during a clearing is the fastest and most effective way to clear a space it is not the only way to do a clearing.  There are techniques you can use to clear a space or a person who is far away. 

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Clutter Clearing

Clutter is a sign of energetic blocks in the home and office. Clutter in certain areas of the house affect certain areas of your life. When you know what energy is being affected by clutter it is much easier to clear.

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The tools of space clearing; Sage, Salt & Sound

Space Clearing Training

Learn how to clear spaces using sage, salt and sound. And become familiar with the different tools, learning the step by step instructions to clearing a person, place and object. Learn how to test and measure your results.

More about Space Clearing Training coming soon

Sage & Smudge by Stellhorn

Sage & Smudge by Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn's best selling booklet.

Smudging—burning sage—is a Native American tradition for healing and clearing a space. This booklet outlines how to smudge to clear a person, place or thing. It also discusses different types of sage, how to make a smudge stick, and using sage with a shell or fan in the traditional manner. This book is consistently in the top ten list of best-sellers of spiritual titles reported by national distributors. Staple bound, 29 pp.