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Clearing Energy with Sage

Once negativity is in the home or office, it can get trapped and start to build. You can actually see the physical results of this negative energy build up within a home or office.

One of the signs that negativity is trapped in a space is an accumulation of clutter; and no matter how you try, you just can't seem to get rid of it. But there are other signs as well: arguing, or in some cases even violence, can be a sign of negative energy trapped in a space; luck changes from good to bad; objects seem to get broken easily; or things have just stopped working. You might find that more repairs are needed on the house now than previously. And it is even possible that intruders start coming into the house--anything from burglars to bug infestations.

Clearing a house energetically can help you fall in love with your house once again. It can help you get back on track emotionally; help you regain your interest in life and the future. It can help clear the way for prosperity and productivity in your business. Or, if it is time to move, than clearing residual negativity can help the house sell more quickly.

One of the most effective ways of clearing a person, place or thing is with sage.  In the picture to the right you can see the smudge stick in the dish.  The woman here is clearing a crystal by holding the crystal over the lit sage stick.  The crystal passes through the smoke and is energetically cleared.  When clearing a room or a person you would hold the smudge stick and wave it as a wand and clear the person or space with the smoke.  For more information see the books below. 


Sage & Smudge by Stellhorn

Sage & Smudge by Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn's best selling book.

Smudging—burning sage—is a Native American tradition for healing and clearing a space. This booklet outlines how to smudge to clear a person, place or thing. It also discusses different types of sage, how to make a smudge stick, and using sage with a shell or fan in the traditional manner. This book is consistently in the top ten list of best-sellers of spiritual titles reported by national distributors. Instant download eBook! $4.95


Sage & Smudge by Ronngren

Sage & Smudge by Ronngren

Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide
by Diane Ronngren. This guidebook gives you the secrets of more than 101 successful Sage and Smudge rituals. “Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide” combines spiritual, herbal and cultural teachings past and present. This book is filled with interesting anecdotes and easily accessible tips you can use today! 213 pp



clearing a crystal using sage

Space Clearing Consultation

If you live in the Phoenix or San Diego area then you can have your space cleared by Donna. Email for more information or 949-940-5697

Remote Clearings

If you need help with your clearing Donna can assist you by teaming up with you to do the clearing.  During a live phone call with Donna you will be feeling the energy shift together and Donna will guide you step by step through the clearing. or 949-940-5697